Pathology Lab Requisition Form

What is a Pathology Requisition Form?

Pathology is a branch of medicine involving the study and diagnosis of disease. It can be examined through biopsy samples, surgically removed organs, bodily fluids or autopsy. Pathology requisition forms are used by physicians to test organ, tissue and bodily fluid samples for disease diagnosis. Other samples collected include blood, oral fluid, semen, cervical fluid, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid and ascetic fluid. A pathology requisition form is sent to a reference lab with samples for testing. A pathologist then analyzes the results to provide diagnosis and treatment options.

Types of Pathology Requisition Tests:

  • Anatomic Pathology Community Requisition form
  • Anatomic Pathology Acute Care Requisition form
  • Ophthalmic Pathology Consultation Requisition form
  • Intra-Operative Neuropathology Consultation Requisition form
  • Dermatopathology Consult Test Request form
  • Molecular Pathology Requisition
  • Bone Marrow Pathology Requisition

Pathology Requisition Form Includes:

  • Pathology Request
  • Molecular Pathology
  • Renal Biopsies
  • Cytology Specimens
  • Therapeutic and Prognostic Markers

Specimen Types:

  • Fixed Formalin
  • Frozen Tissue
  • Gluteraldehyde
  • Paraffin Blocks
  • Slides
  • X-ray
  • Zeus Media

Pathology & Diagnosis for:

  • Pathology Consultation
  • Central Nervous System Consultation (Autopsy)
  • Sarcoma
  • Mutation Analysis
  • Renal Pathology Consultation (Wet Tissue)
  • Cytology and Molecular Testing
  • Cancer
  • Surgical Pathology
  • Tumor Cell Cytology
  • Muscle Pathology Consultation
  • Peripheral Nerve Pathology Consultation
  • Quantitative Immunohistochemistry

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